You can look to Engineered Refractory Shapes & Services, LLC for your total refractory needs. Let us assume “sole-source” responsibility. This translates into convenience, quality, and economically smart. Just one call to us and we’ll provide any or all of the following services:


We offer all methods of installation including gunning, casting, ramming, brickwork, ceramic fiber systems, coatings and spray-on insulations.

Material Sales

ERSS is an authorized distributor, contractor, and installer for several major refractory manufacturers. Our warehouse is stocked with an inventory of refractory products ready for pick-up or delivery.


We can provide small or large repairs, and regularly maintain your linings via a preventative maintenance program. We can provide monthly furnace inspections with a written report as well.


We’re skilled in removal of existing refractory linings while utilizing the latest technologies.