Our ability to offer engineering and design of all aspects of furnace construction allows us to customize our services and craft our systems to meet your exact process requirements. We can provide the following:

Refractory Systems

We can design any part or all of a refractory system ranging from a complete lining to be installed on site, to lining components premanufactured for sale or for installation in the field.

Modular Systems

We’ve designed innovative concepts from pre-fabricated refractory modular lining systems to complete furnaces in modular sections with combustion totally pre-piped and wired.

Custom Furnaces

We can engineer and build equipment that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Combustion and Control Systems

Our skills range from replacing a single burner to designing a complete microprocessor-based control system.


We’ll analyze a project and then make recommendations for the technology needed to make you more competitive and we can fully implement these solutions as well.

Project Management

Request us to oversee all phases of installation, rebuild or reline any aspect of refractory or furnace construction.